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Online Money Income Through On Page Optimization: A Basic Tutorial of Learning SEO Tutorial-1

Written By Unknown on Jun 19, 2012 | 11:10 PM

Don’t carry a wrong concept regarding online money income. Don’t think it’s easy as a click. It also not a matter of visiting a website and get some Dollar on your account. Even learning SEO is not easy rather than you exactly think about this.
To earn money online you need a strong mind and patience of hours spending. Otherwise your dream of earning money online will be only a dream for rest of the life.
You should select such a website where you can easily gather information by writing article or something like this. You must select such a section which is familiar to you and you have sense about that with a proper knowledge. If you follow this, than you can easily continue your website for a long time period.

Don’t think that you can start getting benefit by posting one or two articles. Content is the blood of a search engine. As much as you write in your website as much search engine get opportunity to search on your web site.

A picture of a beautiful actress and a picture of a monkey are same to the search engine without any description. So if your site is only picture related than try to put a little description with the picture.

In a common sense Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is two types. One is on page optimization and other is Off page optimization. Today learning SEO is related to on page optimization.

We have several posts for learning SEO. You can read
Downsizing the Rival through on page optimization in SEO to realize how much on page optimization is important before proceeding this class.

Keyword Positioning: 

Before posting an article try to know if a reader search for such a writing than which word or phrase s/he will used to. This word or phrase is known as Keyword. You should find out such words and phrase as your Keyword and use them into your article. If you use such words than search engine can identify your side for such kind of searching. You can get success from search engine when you can perfectly choose keyword.

Best way to search a perfect Keyword by using Google Adwords Keyword Tool. It’s an own tool of Google for searching perfect Keywords. You can get a vast idea about a specific Keyword along with several suggestions. You can also statistics of how many people search that word in search engine. You should keep in mind, if your selected Keyword is not popular than it will reduce your chance of winning.

This is not at all about Keyword. Let’s do some more with those Keyword. Put all those primarily selected Keywords for trend analysis by separating with comma and try to understand the situation. This trend will inform you about recent performance of those keywords. On this way you can identify a perfect keyword for your article.

It will continue "Earn money online through on page optimization, A basic tutorial of learning SEO Tutorial-2".
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11 July, 2012

nice posting.. thanks for sharing.

31 August, 2012

Hey there, this post helped me to re approach S.E.O. in a better way. Also, I agree with you on the warning about taking online work seriously. I have a question though, I currently use Google Adwords for my S.E.O. work. But I wanted to know your opinion about any good software which give better accuracy than Google. I don't mind buying, but if I am to spend my money, why not on a good one - say, SEO Elite? Great post, by the way!!! :)
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02 September, 2012

Thanks for your comments..keep stay with us for updated information...

06 September, 2012

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04 October, 2012

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Thank you so much for sharing on very nice and impressive tips with us, i am really sure your idea is help me a lot to improve my page ranks.

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02 November, 2012

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08 November, 2012

Great post. I don't really know much about SEO so I have been doing some research, that is how I came across your post. My business could use some help and a friend suggested I speak with an seo consultant. Hopefully they will be able to help me. Thanks for sharing, this was a very interesting read.

Good point. A site would be prospect of profitability if there are people who visits it but visibility mostly rely on search engine and to make it happen is to first include onpage optimization on the process before going to offpage.

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27 November, 2012

I see that you had a great background to what you are talking about. Thanks for sharing and also your topic about keyword positioning really helps. Hoping that I can use these tips to earn more money online.

06 December, 2012

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27 December, 2012

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13 June, 2013

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